I am Halil Köklü, a technologist with an insatiable wanderlust exploring the world of aviation.


My journey in software development began in 2001 when I started modding forums. Soon after, I found myself at the intersection of software and commerce, as I began coding software solutions tailored for small merchants.

I specialise in digital transformation and modernisation programs, migrating from legacy platforms to cloud-native and headless commerce architectures. I build and scale remote, distributed product development organisations. My strategic initiatives have resulted in growth by expanding into new geographies and categories, with a keen focus on localisation. I am committed to operational excellence and have consistently improved customer experience and efficiency by investing in back-office systems using automation and data engineering. I have valuable experience supporting investment and M&A transactions through due diligence and integration strategies.

I serve as Vice President of Engineering (VPE) at Justlife. Prior to that role, I was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at LoveCrafts and Namshi as well as Project CTO at Rocket Internet. For a comprehensive overview of my professional experience, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.


In 2017, a significant realisation dawned upon me that lifelong interests need not to be confined to the realm of geekiness. With newfound determination, I embarked on a journey of expanding my horizons.

This began with obtaining driving licenses for a range of vehicles, including trucks, articulated trucks, buses, and motorcycles. I took the wheel of coaches for charitable organisations and clubs. I had the opportunity to share the driver's seat with my father. However, as life unfolded, I found myself relocating shortly after, coinciding with my father's well-deserved retirement. I will forever hold dear those precious moments spent together during those few tours we shared.

As a passionate traveler, I have embarked on hundreds of flights, developing a deep fascination with every facet of the aviation industry, driven by observation and research. To further immerse myself, I went a step further and set up a flight simulator. I honed my skills in piloting aircraft like the Airbus A320 and A350. However, my thirst for aviation was far from quenched. I enrolled in a flight school, where I successfully earned my Private Pilot License (PPL). At present, I am diligently working towards obtaining my Instrument Rating.


My father, Nuri, immigrated to Germany to work as a coal miner in 1973. Fourteen years later, he retrained to be an international coach driver. Throughout my childhood, I had the privilege of accompanying him on numerous tours across Europe. It was during those travels that I became fascinated by the diverse cultures and customs in the places we stopped by. I attribute my enduring wanderlust to these formative experiences.

Subsequently, my passion for travel has taken me to explore more than 56 countries. I am eager to share my experiences from these journeys on this website in the near future.

Personal Life

I was born in Herne, Germany, where I spent the first 22 years of my life. I have also resided in Dortmund, Berlin, Dubai, San Francisco, London, Hamburg and Bremen. Since early 2020, I have called Istanbul, Turkey, my home – a city I proudly regard as the most magnificent city in the world.

I share my life with my dear wife Hilal, along with our beloved children, Hümeyra and Halis.

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