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I'm Halil – a technologist with an insatiable wanderlust exploring the world of aviation

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Hijack: A Pilot's Fact-Check

When my friends recommended Hijack, as a pilot, I was naturally intrigued by the show's aviation-focused storyline. Hijack, starring Idris Alba, is a thrilling TV series available for streaming on Apple TV+, where aviation security and hijacking take centre stage. I'm usually not one to nitpick

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Successful Relaunch of WEBS

I am overjoyed to announce the successful launch of WEBS on the LoveCrafts platform. This achievement marks a significant milestone for us at LoveCrafts, and we're just getting started on enhancing the user experience, in anticipation of WEBS' 50th anniversary early next year. But before we dive

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Mochi at Nakatanidou in Japan

Within mere minutes of the renowned Nara Park, where friendly deer roam freely amidst throngs of visitors, a quaint storefront comes into view amidst the lively sounds of cries and pounding gathering crowds. This unassuming yet unmistakable place is none other than Nakatanidou, a celebrated wagashi shop dedicated to crafting

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My Unforgettable First Solo Flight

The first solo flight is a defining moment for a flight student, symbolising their transition into a pilot fully in charge of the airplane. It signifies not only their technical proficiency but also their confidence and ability to make independent decisions in the cockpit. This experience self-assurance boosting and fuels

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Celebrating LoveCrafts Anniversary with an Incredible eNPS Score

This month marked my fourth anniversary as Chief Technology Officer at LoveCrafts, prompting a deep reflection on my journey and the impact I've made. There was a touch of nervousness as I pondered the significance of these four years, wondering if our ambitious plans had fully materialized. I

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Balderton Capital CTO Summit

At the Balderton Capital Collective CTO Summit, I had the privilege to share our insights from managing a distributed and later remote engineering organisation for seven years at LoveCrafts. The session was followed by an engaging discussion on best practices and challenges with the attendees. I thoroughly enjoyed my time