My Unforgettable First Solo Flight

My Unforgettable First Solo Flight

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The first solo flight is a defining moment for a flight student, symbolising their transition into a pilot fully in charge of the airplane. It signifies not only their technical proficiency but also their confidence and ability to make independent decisions in the cockpit. This experience self-assurance boosting and fuels their passion for aviation.

Uşak Airport

I'm currently working toward my Private Pilot License (PPL) at Uşak Airport, located in the Aegean region of Turkey. Despite the long nine-hour bus journey from my home in Istanbul, I've found immense satisfaction in my training experience here. Uşak Airport's central location in the city not only offers convenience but also adds to the thrill of taking off and landing amidst the urban landscape.

Reaching the milestone of my first solo flight was a journey filled with challenges. The process involved a meticulous progression, starting with flight manoeuvres and general procedures, followed by a progress check conducted by a new flight instructor. Upon clearing this stage, I moved on to mastering landings and traffic patterns, leading to another progress check with a different instructor. Adverse weather conditions in Isparta, where my instructor was based, caused delays in my progress check flight. When the day finally arrived, the adjustment to flying with heavier load proved to be a learning curve. During the check, my performance in crosswind and emergency landings left me uncertain about the outcome.

To my surprise, after landing and rolling out to the apron, the instructor confirmed my successful progress by asking the air traffic controller if my solo flight plan was still active. I swiftly completed my checklists, backtracked on the runway, and, after receiving my take-off clearance, embarked on my first solo flight. Although I lingered slightly longer in the ground effect, the landing was smooth—a feat I'm incredibly proud of.

The most touching moment came when the air traffic controller extended congratulations over the frequency, acknowledging my achievement in a way that made the accomplishment truly sink in. Although the flight school's regulations prohibited a traditional cold wash celebration, my fellow aviators and I found a way to mark the occasion – with the shared joy of indulging in baklava. This sweet treat became a symbol of my hard-earned success, making the day even more memorable.

In the heat of things I didn't set up the voice recorder correctly, so that's why the video has an awkward voice over.